CLEAN! is an episodic drama that peels away the stigmas of various addictions and the recovery process to reveal the human side of this struggle. The series develops along the path of the rookie counselor, Ian. His experience at a dysfunctional addiction treatment center called "Serenity Hills Treatment Center" (fondly called the Shits for SHTC). Clean! is set in Oakland, California, and involves characters with a diversity of ethnicities, ages, sexual preferences and addictions.
Written by Raisin Cane
Directed and edited by Jesse Petrick  

HEATHENS is a period piece that takes place in 1846, one week before Texas joins the Union. It is a dark comedy centered around the small town of Freedom. A young writer from Boston hears about a tooth stealing savage. He travels to Freedom to write a series story for a monthly periodical. What he thinks will be a simple story ends up a harsh ethical awakening.

The project is both entertaining and has a social commentary. It is a plot driven melodrama with plenty of action, humor, and romance. The series main thematic conflict is man vs. himself. This struggle allows us to question a serious issue: Is it better to embrace th truth or manipulate it? Also it has a social message that is timeless: Strip away the layers of society and we are all Heathens.

This twenty four episode series honored Jesse Petrick with a Streamy Nomination for Best Director of a Dramatic Series.

The entire series was shot on HD and will be available to watch through Vimeo on Demand. Here are three episodes of Heathens in SD now for viewing pleasure.

Written by Jesse Petrick and Rachel Ney
Directed and edited by Jesse Petrick